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Terms of Reference :
1) Upon approval of your Sub-Agent Application, you may immediately trade with us and have the permission to access all our products and services for reselling purposes.

2) In the unlikely event that you breach or violate any of the Terms and Conditions set out below by Apple Aviation Sdn Bhd, we reserve the right to terminate all business trading without any prior notification.
2.1 Any usage of Apple Aviation Sdn Bhd's brand and goodwill to solicit business without prior approval from Apple Aviation Sdn Bhd.
2.2 Any unauthorised practise such as airfare undercutting that may result in the Airlines' withdrawal of the said fares.
2.3 Any misrepresentation of the Apple Aviation Sdn Bhd Brand and goodwill.
2.4 The Sub-Agent will be responsible to bear any Agency Debit Memo (ADM) as a result of violation of the Airlines booking policy.

3) All access to Apple Aviation Sdn Bhd Sub-Agent website and facilities permitted will be immediately removed if we find any abuse over time.

4) We reserve the right to cancel and recall any air tickets and travel products if there is a breach in the payment term which is COD - CASH TERMS by default.

5) All Agent purchases must be promptly paid by :
5.1 Cash
5.2 Company's cheques (subject to bank clearance before travel commences)